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I learnt PHP and ecommerce building at The course modules were very simple and easy to understand. My tutor,Venkat had a great command over the subject and was able to explain any doubts I had. My classes used to be so much fun that learning a new language was so easy. At the end of the 3rd month, I was able to code in PHP with great ease. I had a working ecommerce project at the end of my course. I use it as a reference to a lot of my current projects. Thank you Venkat for making the class lively and productive!
- Sharanya, Founder of The Byte Story

php course reviewNow I can sit down in front of a computer and turn an idea into something tangible…something profitable. It has literally changed my life.
Venkat(Trainer at phphub ) trained and helped me a lot to start my own start up company
PHP hub trainers have great potential to train people and to get them placed in web development companies. I will strongly recommend it to my friends.
- Vignesh, Founder & CEO, Techzee web solutions
I was only a Web designer and Flash Developer until I joined PHP HUB, I am now proud to see myself as a Web Developer and the credit goes to Venkat, PHP Hub for making it possible.

In spite of creative and rich background in Graphic, Web designing and Flash Action script Programming, I somehow felt my scope to design and programming restricts me to development of static and simple websites. Its only after, I joined PHP Hub, I got the confidence, that I can break through the barriers and create Dynamic / eCommerce websites using varied tools with ease.

The curriculum and course structure of PHP Hub was very easy, rather practical, like on the job training. While studying itself, I was asked to do a shopping cart project that was split into two separate modules. At the end of the course I finished my project with the payment gateway incorporated.

Venkat's support was fantastic. His in-depth knowledge, expertise in PHP and all other web tools is unmatched. He was always there when I had any doubts in debugging or execution. I have attended several techno classes so far, but PHP Hub was best of all.

The outcome of PHP Hub : I could develop a full dynamic website ( with control panel. One more E commerce website with a payment gateway is in process of development.

My Sincere Thanks To Venkat : Count on our long term relationship.
- Rajesh, Developer,

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