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Day1 - Introduction to PHP 1.PHP web architecture
2.PHP wamp server installation
3.First PHP program
4.HTML with php
5.Comments and PHP manual usage
Day2 - Variables, Constants & Datatypes 1.Variables and constants
2.Data types and Type juggling
7.string functions
Day3 - Operators & Control Structures 1.Conditional Statements - If
2.Conditional Statements - Else, Else..if
3.Control Structure - Switch
4.Operators Part 1
5.Operators Part 2
6.Logical Operators
7.Ternary Operator
Day4 - Looping Statements 1.Looping Statements - While
2.Looping Statements - Do While
3.Looping Statements - For
4.Control Structure - Break
5.Control Structure - Continue
Day5 - Arrays and Foreach Loop 1.Indexed Arrays
2.Printing an Indexed Array
3.Associative Arrays
4.Looping Statement - For each
5.Multidimensional Arrays
Day6 - Functions 1.Functions - Introduction
2.Functions with Arguments
3.Usage of Return keyword
4.Scope of variables
5.Default arguments in functions
Day7 - HTML Forms with PHP 1.Forms Introduction
2.Using POST method
3.Using $_REQUEST Superglobal
4.Form Validation
Day8 - File Handling 1.Reading data from a file
2.Writing data to a file
Day9 - Introduction to MySQL 1.MySQL Introduction
2.Data Definition Language
3.Data Manipulation Language
4.Drop Commands
Day10 - Mysql - Datatypes, Constraints 1.MySQL Datatypes - Integer
2.MySQL Datatypes - Float
3.MySQL Datatypes - Date
4.MySQL Datatypes - String
5.MySQL Constraints - Not Null, Unique, Primary Key
6.MySQL Constraints - Foreign Key, Default
Day 11 -MySQL - Select, Orderby, Limit 1.Select Statement
2.Order By
3.Like Operator
Day 12 - Mysql - Functions - Number, Date, Character, Control Flow 1.Numeric Functions
2.Date Functions
3.String Functions
4.Control Flow Functions
Day 13 - MySQL - Joins, Groupby, Having, Subquery, Indexing 1.Inner Join
2.Outer Join - Left, Right
3.Self Join
4.Aggregate Functions, Group by, Having
6.Any, All operators
Day 14 - PHP With MySQL 1.How to make Database connection from PHP with MySQL
2.Creating a Database configuration file
3.How to insert data into the database in PHP
4.How to update data in the database in PHP
5.How to delete data from the database in PHP
6.How to retreive the data from the database in PHP
Day 15 - Cookies in PHP 1.What is a Cookie?
2.How to see the cookie details in the browser
3.How to delete the cookie in PHP
Day 16 - Sessions in PHP 1.What is a Session ? How session works
2.How to view the Session ID
3.How to create a Session Variable
4.How to regenerate the Session ID
5.How to destroy a Session?
Day 17 - PhpMyAdmin, Blog Project Demo 1.How to create a new database using PhpMyAdmin
2.How to create a new table and insert records using PhpMyAdmin
3.How to export a Database
4.Importing the Database of a Sample Blog Project
5.Blog Project Demo - Part 1
6.Blog Project Demo - Part 2
7.Blog Project Demo - Part 3
8.Blog Project Demo - Part 4
9.Blog Project Demo - Part 5
10.Blog Project Demo - Part 6
Day -18 - Building a Shopping cart - Phase I 1.Introduction to Shopping cart
2.Project Requirements
3.Demo of End Product we are going to build
4.Setting up the Database for the shopping cart
5.Starting with the Template
6.Displaying the Product categories in the Home page
7.Creating the Front Page
8.Products Listing based on the category
9.Listing of an Individual Product
Day 19 - Building a shopping cart - Phase I 1.Adding the Product to Cart Part 1
2.Adding the Product to Cart Part 2
3.Adding the Product to Cart Part 3
4.Viewing the shopping cart - Part 1
5.Viewing the shopping cart - Part 2
6.Viewing the shopping cart - Part 3
7.New User registration
8.User Login Page
9.Logging out the user
Day 20 - Building a shopping cart - Phase I 1.Building the Checkout page Part 1
2.Building the Checkout page Part 2
3.Building the Orders page Part-1
4.Building the Orders page Part-2
5.Building the Orders page Part-3
6.End of Phase I
Day 21 - Oops with PHP - Basics 1.Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
2.Class - Property - Method - Object
3.How to create a Class and Object in PHP
4.How to create Setters in PHP
5.How to use this keyword
Day 22 - Oops with PHP - Advanced 1.How to use Constructors in PHP
2.What are Access Modifiers
3.Explaining Inheritance in PHP
4.What is static keyword
5.Using the Static Keyword
Day 23 - Javascript- Introduction, Functions, Events, Validation 1.Starting with Javascript
2.Where to place the Javascript code?
3.How to create an Alert Box using Javascript
4.Functions and Events in Javascript
5.How to validate a form using Javascript
Day 24 - CSS 1.Getting started with CSS
2.How to use the Background properties in CSS
3.How to format the Text using CSS
4.How to change the font type, color and size
5.Formatting Links
Day 25 - CSS 1.Selectors - Clasess and IDs
2.Using Width and Margin Properties
3.Using the Border Properties
4.How to create two columns using Float
Day 26 - Ajax 1.What is Ajax?
2.Demonstrating Ajax Example -Part1
3.Demonstrating Ajax Example -Part2
4.Demonstrating Ajax Example -Part3
Day 27 - Ajax 1.How to display data from the database using Ajax
2.How to check the availability of username using Ajax
3.How to create a user signup form using Ajax
Day 28 - Jquery 1.Introduction to jQuery
2.Why use jQuery
3.Benefits of jQuery
4.Writing your first program in jQuery
Day 29 - Jquery 1.How to validate a Form using jQuery
2.How to use jQuery to select date from a Calendar
Day 30 - Smarty 1.What is Smarty?
2.How to install Smarty Template Engine
3.How to use Loops in Smarty
4.How to use Smarty Variable Modifiers
5.How to create a form using Smarty
Day 31 - Smarty 1.How to cache a web page using Smarty
2.How to check the cache using Smarty
3.How to clear the cache using Smarty
Day 32 - CakePHP Framework 1.Introduction to CakePHP Framework
2.What is MVC pattern?
3.How to install cakePHP framework
Day 33 - CakePHP Framework 1.Folder Structure of CakePHP framework
2.How to build an Address Book application using CakePHP
Day 34 - Interview Questions 1.Prepare to attend a Job interview for PHP Developer
Day 35 - Building a shopping cart - Phase II 1.Validate all the forms using Javascript
Day 36 - Building a shopping cart - Phase II 1.Implement Ajax to display the products
2.Implement Ajax in the user registration
Day 37 - Building a shopping cart - Phase II 1.Implement jQuery form validation
Day 38 - Building a shopping cart - Phase II 1.Add a CSS template
Day 39 - CSS Template Integration 1.How to find and download CSS templates from internet
2.How to integrate the CSS template with your PHP Project
Day 40 -Project Hosting in Internet 1.How to host your website for free in internet
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Course Requirements Basic working knowledge of computers and Internet
This is an online course where you can watch videos.
It is recommended that you download the free Notepad++ text editor.
Who should attend ? College students looking for a experience in web development
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Freshers looking for a career in the Software Industry
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Narayanan V is the trainer who will teach you in the Videos. He quit his software job at Infosys to start his own Training Company. He has handled training sessions for a lot of Freshers, Experienced Developers, Corporates and gained indepth understanding of their learning process.
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